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 Campership Grants

NF Inc. Minnesota's campership grant is intended to provide financial assistance to those affected with NF who would like to attend summer camp. 

Campership Grant Criteria

  • Camps must be either a camp designed specifically for persons with NF or a special camp for individuals with disabilities or health issues.
  • Family or individuals need to state the reason for needing financial assistance on the application.
  • Families/Individuals are eligible for only one campership per year.
  • The amount of the campership will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • Once a grant application has been received, you will be contacted within ten (10) working days to confirm receipt and to request additional supporting documentation if needed.
  • Only after all supporting documentation is received and the application is complete will the request will be submitted to the Board for review at the next Board meeting.
  • NF Upper Midwest Board meetings occur every two months. You will be notified of the date that your grant application is up for review.
  • Once a decision has been reached, you will be notified within 48 hours as to whether the application has been approved and the amount that has been approved.

Apply for a Campership Grant

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